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Market Scene Part 2

21 Jun

I found the semi-traditional market at the Sunter neighborhood, North East Jakarta, fascinating.   I deemed it as semi-traditional because it’s not a real traditional market with dirt floor and it’s not a supermarket either.  I have only a vague recollection of going into such market; my duty as a child was to study hard and not be concerned with day-to-day household operation.

This market houses most things and services people need, such as tailors for quick alterations.  Even if it’s a bit shabby, I saw some of the best produce I’ve ever seen.  The fruit stand I saw stocked guavas, papayas, star fruits, mangoes, mangosteen, jambu air (or water guava, the red fruits on the foreground), salak (snake fruits), as well as other well-known tropical fruits.

I took plenty of pictures while trying to be discreet…  I am not sure if people are generally OK with their pictures taken by some random person.  Once I was stopped from taking pictures of a crackers label at a grocery store in Bandung, Indonesia.


All Natural Dessert

2 Jun


Durian. Need I say more?